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Back from living under a rock

World! Once again, a warm hello!

I stopped writing after Japan, as I rather thought of this as a travel blog and I’m kinda done with my two month travel hoopla. I did start a couple of entries, but none of them really worked out. There was a weird feeling – deep inside me (read that dramatically and don’t interpret that to mean anything sexual!) – Weiterlesen „Back from living under a rock“


The end’s not near, it’s over there, a couple time zones to the east

I have left the island and have once again returned to European soil. I had mixed feelings leaving the Japanese behind, as I did look forward to being literate once again (no, 2 months is not enough time to learn Japanese), to real bread (you know, the stuff made out of rye flour and cannot Weiterlesen „The end’s not near, it’s over there, a couple time zones to the east“

Out of Tokyo and down the rabbit hole

Boy, you guys have no idea how glad I am that I don’t depend on blogging to make a living! (Or that I have any kind of following for that matter.) It would be fairly tragic, as I would be living on the streets, eating out of the dumpster. Then again, if putting my incoherent thoughts to paper (to internet?) got me any money I might actually start typing instead of watching Orange Is The New Black till 3 am. Weiterlesen „Out of Tokyo and down the rabbit hole“

Out and about, exploring

June 2015 is already 12 days old, which means that my days here are dwindeling. However, I have not been idle! I have been out and about, exploring Tokyo, trying to make the most of my time here…trying really hard…and still ending up not getting out of bed before noon -.- but, I seize the day after that and paint the town red! In a manner of speaking, of course…

Men in hot pants Weiterlesen „Out and about, exploring“

You can’t not love the Japanese, can you?

Good ladies, good sirs, good people in between,
New month, new karma.
I am 30 days into my Japan adventure and have not even scratched the surface of all the things I planned to do! It’s hard to fathom having to leave in 3 weeks time, my oh my!
What I know for sure is that I adore this country – or at least this city. I haven’t ventured outside the metropolis‘ borders yet, with the exceptions of Tsukuba and Kamakura, which really seem more like extensions of this all encompassing city.
This is by far the weirdest culture I’ve had the pleasure of peeking into. One small exhibit: May marks the first month in which I have witnessed people having their own personal ashtrays! Smokers have a little metal box, into which they dispose their ash. They actually carry their cigarette ash around with them!!

Weiterlesen „You can’t not love the Japanese, can you?“


I have quite obviously not lived up to my word that I would get blog posts out quicker. Sigh. My apologies go out, once again, to those few kind humans who take the time to read my ramblings.
It has been quite hot in Tokyo lately, around 30°C already – temperatures at which I am not used to donning office garb. But being able to wear dresses, I guess I may count myself lucky in comparison to my fellow man who must wear at least dress pants and a shirt.

Weiterlesen „Kamakura“

Big in Japan, III

Good people, it has been a while! I seem to be too distracted to actually finish a blog post – I hope you 4 (? I’m being generous) kind humans who read this blog will forgive me. This entry will conlude my posts on first impressions of Japan – sad, but true. At some point we all must digress and think up more compelling headlines. Sigh…

5th thought: Japanese women are so damn stylish! Weiterlesen „Big in Japan, III“

Big in Japan, II

It has been around a week since my arrival in Tokyo – time has flown! Sad that I have missed the Sakura flowering I’ve been exploring everything else this amazing city has to offer…well, not everything, I have had to „work“ – being an intern at an embassy cannot always be classified as actual work (no joke, I’ve spent too much time for my taste counting china and silver). Weiterlesen „Big in Japan, II“

Big in Japan

So, hello kind folk,

I thought I’d jump on board and give travel blogging a try (:

Why do I have the urge to be part of the masses? Well, recently I read a newspaper column penned by a – perhaps a little bitter and cynical – Austrian journalist, which mentioned the fact that keeping a diary is not the equivalent to scrubbing your soul with Old Spice. To the Weiterlesen „Big in Japan“

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